Street Market

Street Market in Kuala Lumpur

In Malaysia, it’s common to see street markets. All Malaysian cities have both small and large street markets. Many marketplaces are quite ancient and constructed traditionally. There are many different kinds of street markets, selling anything from food to apparel to other traditional Malaysian goods. Street markets provide numerous unique things and are far less expensive than shopping malls. There are several kinds of street markets that take place on various days of the week, some of them are conducted every day of the week while others are held at night or in the late evening.

Petaling Street, Central Market, and Kasturi Walk are three of Malaysia’s busiest and biggest street markets, offering a broad range of food, apparel, and traditional goods. The largest and most well-known street food market, Jalan Alor, is situated in Bukit Bingtang and is immensely popular with visitors. In Malaysia, street markets are particularly well-liked by visitors since they are fascinating and fun to explore.

1. Petaling Street

Petaling Street is a popular place street shopping. The place alson know as Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. There are many things to buy such as clothes, bags, shoes, hats, fragrances sunglass, accessories etc. Most of the product are copies of original brand’s product but the quality is still very good comparatively price.  Read More

2. Central Market

The oldest market in Kuala Lumpur is called Central Market. Market also goes by the name Pasar Seni. It is located just across from Petaling Street. The closest station is LRT Pasar Seni. Both tourists and locals use the neighborhood, which is always crowded. Read More

3. Kasturi Walk

In Kuala Lumpur, Kasturi Walk is close to the Central Market. This market’s length is around 160 meters. A steel Malay kite structure at the street’s entrance and a steel canopy covering the whole street serve as decorations. Read More

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