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Things & Places

Malaysia is one of the best options to spend your holiday! There is a huge range of attractions for travelers. Malaysia is a nation with a rich blend of social attractions and quickly extending urban areas loaded up with high rises and multilane roadways. The famous and interesting resources awaiting for you such as explore rich wilderness trekking, relaxing on beaches, delicious street food, colorful nightlife and spending quality time in beautiful cultural places. Besides this, it is the country where you can explore various types of resources from a multi-ethnic and multicultural society. The great option for food lovers that trying different types of tasty food from a multicultural society.

Definitely traveling Malaysia will be the best choice than other Southeast Asian’s country. As a traveler, you are most welcomes here by friendly and helpful people. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city where you can access many opportunities 24 hours at an affordable cost. Although Basha Malayu is an official language but English is widely used everywhere.

Most of the traveler can’t enjoy their trip due to actual knowledge about the country. I will help you to earn proper information about traveling Malaysia in my guideline. This guideline includes all information for your trip.

  1. Things and places
  2. Best time for your trip
  3. Where to stay
  4. Transportation around the city
  5. Food and Beverage
  6. How to stay safe
  7. Money saving tips
  8. Backpack

I included the above information individually for every tourist place. To make a perfect plan please read to know details about cost, accommodation, transportation, food and things to do.


  1. Petronas Tower (KLCC)
  2. Menara KL Tower
  3. National Museum
  4. Batu Caves
  5. Bird Park
  6. Aquaria KLCC
  7. Sunway Lagoon
  8. Little India
  9. Sultan Abdul Samad Building
  10. Bukit Bintang
  11. National Science Centre
  12. Genting Highlands
  13. Putrajaya Bridge
  14. Malaysian National Zoo
  15. National Mosque of Malaysia
  16. Kuala Lumpur City Gallery
  17. National Monument
  18. China Town
  19. KL Forest Eco Park
  20. Old Istana Negara
  21. Genting Highland
  22. Kota Bharu
  23. Penang
  24. Malacca
  25. Langkawi
  26. Mount Kinabalu
  27. Pangkor Island
  28. Cameron Highland
  29. Sipadan Island
  30. Manukan Island
  31. Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park
  32. Redang Island

Best time for your trip

Malaysia is the area of the tropical climate. Temperatures over the country do not vacillate much. Average daily temperatures are 90°F (32°C) in the day time and 74 ºF (23°C) at night throughout the year. Summer season starts in June and ends up in August.

The weather in Malaysia is almost the same throughout the year, generally warm and humid. But the weather varies with the state. However, usually receives a small amount of rainfall each day and occasionally a lot of rain but the sun rises daily. Thunderstorms with occasional heavy rainfall for some time.

During the summer, the temperature is generally between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius. There is no winter in Malaysia. Seasonal winds are flowing southwest from April to October and northeast from October to February. Although there is little rainfall every day, the monsoon is mainly from October to March. Rainfall usually lasts for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. The temperature here is always warm and humid, as the weather does not change. For a while, it rains a little, but the sun rises. It can be said that the weather will not affect your travel.

Where to stay

Choosing the right place to stay is one of the most important things for all tourists. You can call Malaysia the country of the hotel because there are many hotels spread all over the country especially in Kuala Lumpur. You don’t have to go far away from the center to find low-cost hotels. Usually, all hotels offer free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

Budget hotel price starts from 70RM (17USD) to higher according to the room. For a three-star hotel, the price starts from RM 200 (45USD).

Usually, hotel cost is so low that most of the tourists do not need to stay sharing room in lodge, guesthouse or hostels here. you can usually stay in Malaysia for a very low price of $10- $20 per night depending on location.

However, the cheapest accommodation is that the guesthouse, hostels or lodge and those are usually available nearby in any tourist places such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

There are many expensive or five-star hotels where you can get various amenities like Swimming pool, Spa, Bar and Gym. But these are usually starting from RM 200 to higher but in some places, it starts from RM350 such as Penang Kota Kinabalu and Malacca.

Please read the specified article for more details of every tourist place. I elaborated details that you need.

Transportation around the city

Malaysia’s transportation system is much better. There are different types of rail links within the city. There is a speeding train from one state to another. And also many good quality buses to travel from one city to another. Transportation costs here are much lower than in other countries. All types of rail network centers are KL Sentral. You will get here all types of train tickets. Actually, it is the heart of transportation to travel around the country.

Train is the best way to travel from one place to another in Kuala Lumpur city. Train is the best way to travel from one place to another in Kuala Lumpur city. Because it is cheap and will take you to the destination without any traffic jams. There are train stations all over the city. Usually, the train service is open from 6.00 am in the morning to in the night. There are public buses or taxis to travel from city to city. You can get a tourist bus free of sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur city. You can book a taxi with apps or rent a taxi directly. But booking a taxi with the app is good for you as there are different options and there is fixed price. Usually, taxis are powered by meters, but if you book from the app you can go for a fixed cost.

If you board a direct taxi from the street, sometimes there are some drivers who will turn you on various unnecessary roads to raise the bill of the meter. So I always recommend you to book a taxi with apps. Overall best medium to travel within the city is train because you do not have to wait long for a train and it’s affordable. The best thing to buy an access card for the train.

The best way to get from one state to another is by train. It is also cheap and comfortable. ETS is the fastest and comfortable train to travel Kuala Lumpur to another City. You can also get very cheap flights (Air Asia, Malindo) but you have to book advance.

Below are the names of some good quality buses.

1 Transnational

2 Plusliner

3 Aeroline

4 Super Nice

Food and Beverage

In Malaysia you can eat a variety of foods. If you are a foodie, Malaysia is a great place for you to taste a variety of foods from multi ethic groups.

Since there are a lot of Chinese communities and Indians who live here, you can eat Chinese and Indian food here besides Malaysian traditional food. It is said that Penang is most famous for their traditional foods and It’s so delicious that if you haven’t eaten you will miss something in your life.

Indian, Chinese and Malay restaurants is available anywhere through the country, and the food here is cheap compared to other restaurants. Besides, here you will find all the country cuisine famous for its food in the world. Restaurants that are available in other Asian countries and Western dishes in general are usually a bit pricey than the local dishes.

The national dish of Malaysia is Nasi Lemak(Streamed Rice, Fried Chicken, Fried Dry fish, Boiled egg and sweet curry). At local restaurants, Nasi Lemak price is RM5-RM7(1.5-2USD).This is more expensive in high-grade restaurants. Actually, not only Nasi Lemak, all types of food are expensive in high-grade restaurants. The common and famous scene is the stall of street food around the country. The street foods are very tasty and they make them in a clean way. There are some places in the country that are famous and crowded for street foods.

Nasi goreng is another popular food that is very delicious to all people and price is reasonable. Nasi goreng is available at all restaurants. It’s basically fried rice with vegetable, lamb, chicken and dry fish. Price is RM5-RM8 (1.5-2USD).

Mamak restaurant is one of the best cuisine (South Indian Cuisine) in Malaysia. They serve south Indian food as well as Malay food. The main thing is that here you will find different types of food and prices are not high.

Mamak restaurants are everywhere in the country and are comparatively high number. If you don’t have enough budget for food, then Mama’s restaurants are the biggest option for you. Mamak Restaurant food is delicious and tourists love to eat. You can eat roti cennai, chapati and maggi noddles here for breakfast. Price is RM2-4RM.

In fact, you can find also many international band’s outlets such as KFC, McDonald, Burger King and Subway.


Tea tarik is the common and traditional tea at Malaysian restaurants. Basically it is made by tea, milk and sugar. The taste is so sweet. There are also various types of drinks which are very low prices in Mamak restaurants. There are plenty of bars and bar plus restaurant in the country. You can have alcoholic drinks everywhere except Muslim and Mamak restaurants.

Overall the food and drinks are very cheap here but the prices are a bit higher at the bars and high grade restaurants. All kinds of groceries are available at the supermarket and mini-shops, and the prices are much cheaper. Drinks, Snacks and some other daily necessaries are sold in the 7-Eleven and KK supermart which are open 24h.You don’t have to worry about finding them because they are so high that you can find them anywhere in the country. You can buy Fish, Meat, fruits and most of the things from Super Market (Giant, Big, and Cold Storage).

How to Stay Safe in Malaysia

Malaysia is secured country for tourist. Crime rarely happened with tourist. But you should know some safety issues before you travel there.

Taxi driver can be risky for you. Sometimes they drive on non-necessary route to increase bill of meter. Even you can be hijacked by taxi driver. So try to avoid regular taxi. Always book your taxi from grab car.

Kuala Lumpur is so safe for tourist especially around the doesn’t matter what time at night. If you walk at night time, try to avoid stranger who wants to talk with you. Always use main road or coward road and avoid dark alleys when you walk. Keep eyes on surroundings. Keep your jewelry and valuable things in hotel room. Wearing jewelry sometimes not safe due to coward tourist place and some bad biker who will swipe your jewelry easily. Be careful about pick pocket. Sometimes happen in the city.

Money Saving Tips

Save money as much as possible! The city can be expensive or cheaper depend on you in some cases. Actually Trip in Malaysia not expensive if you know some tips.

1. Hotel

Choose your hotel near center or train station. You will find many budget hotels near Bukit Bintang or you can choose hotel 3-5 km far from center if it is near any train station. Most of the time, Hotels far from center offer better services and facilities in low price. So try to choose hotel and book earlier.

2. Transportation

To save money always ride on public transport. The service of public transport is very good specially train. To visit in the city use free bus named GOKL. They cover most of the tourist places. Never use regular taxi (red color) and blue taxi (expensive).Doesn’t matter it is mattered or non-metered. If you need private transport, I will recommend to use grab car for taxi especially during off peak hours. On the peak hours sometimes it is so expensive due to high demand and traffic. During peak hour try to use will be cheaper and quicker.

3. Food

Basically foods are cheap at food court or local restaurant. Street food also cheap and delicious in some places.

You will be great fan of food court or street food if you try once. Actually food court and street food are famous in Malaysia historically. There are huge varieties of food .Definitely you will wish to try different dishes but you need many days to try all types of dishes. Foods from multicultural background in food court and place of street food. Food court is better than street food in most of the cases except Jalan Alo. Eat at Mamak restaurant (south Indian cuisine) to save your money.

What to Pack for Malaysia

Perfect Back pack is important for your trip. You can choose backpack size in 45-50L.Weather not cold here, so you don’t need to pack any winter clothes or other things. Just bring the thing as you feel relax for traveling and your daily necessaries.

Most of the travel do mistake that they bring many things when they come. For this their luggage getting heavy and fully filled and they can’t shopping due to overweight.

Don’t bring unnecessary things, Cosmetic and Clothes here cheap than other countries. Bargain the price when you buy something except band outlets, or fixed price shop.

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