Transportation around the city

Transportation around the city

Malaysia’s transportation system is much better. There are different types of rail links within the city. There is a speeding train from one state to another. And also many good quality buses to travel from one city to another. Transportation costs here are much lower than in other countries. All types of rail network centers are KL Sentral. You will get here all types of train tickets. Actually, it is the heart of transportation to travel around the country.

Train is the best way to travel from one place to another in Kuala Lumpur city. Train is the best way to travel from one place to another in Kuala Lumpur city. Because it is cheap and will take you to the destination without any traffic jams. There are train stations all over the city. Usually, the train service is open from 6.00 am in the morning to in the night. There are public buses or taxis to travel from city to city. You can get a tourist bus free of sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur city. You can book a taxi with apps or rent a taxi directly. But booking a taxi with the app is good for you as there are different options and there is fixed price. Usually, taxis are powered by meters, but if you book from the app you can go for a fixed cost.

If you board a direct taxi from the street, sometimes there are some drivers who will turn you on various unnecessary roads to raise the bill of the meter. So I always recommend you to book a taxi with apps. Overall best medium to travel within the city is train because you do not have to wait long for a train and it’s affordable. The best thing to buy an access card for the train.

The best way to get from one state to another is by train. It is also cheap and comfortable. ETS is the fastest and comfortable train to travel Kuala Lumpur to another City. You can also get very cheap flights (Air Asia, Malindo) but you have to book advance.

Below are the names of some good quality buses.

1 Transnational

2 Plusliner

3 Aeroline

4 Super Nice


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